100 Ghost Stories
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Date: Unknown date (could be any time during the year)
Time At night
Type of event: Social gathering
Frequency: Watanuki only played once. Yuko and Mokona played many times.
Those attending: Watanuki, Yuko, Mokona, Himawari, Shizuka
Things needed: A quiet room, four candles, contestants, stories, a bowl of water


In Japan, the month of August is the time where people worship their ancestors through an event called 'O-bon'. Prior to this, the event has become the gateway for the dead, as well as frightening stories about them, After a long time of worship, high summer is the season for ghosts.

Cause of EventEdit

Yuko suggests to invite the gang to Doumeki's temple for an event of ghost story-telling. This all started when Watanuki complained to Yuko that he has not met Himawari-chan for the whole month. Yuko questions as to why he does not ask her out on a date only for him to respond that he will get nervous everytime he is alone with her. With that, Yuko suggested a "group-date" which led to this event to happen.

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