Series: Holic
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (though she was wearing a high school uniform)
Birthday: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Relations: A group of unnamed friends.
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Current Status: Unknown
Powers Ability to see spirits
Physical Traits: Medium length brown hair, brown eyes, light skin
First Appearance(Manga):
First Appearance(Anime) Season 1, episode 1
Last Appearance(Anime): xXxHOLiC Episode 1
Voice Actors
English Laura Bailey


In episode one (Season one) of holic, while Watanuki is walking to Yuko's Shop, he overhears the conversation of a group of girls that are walking a little way ahead of him. They are talking about spirits and how one of the girls in the group can, like Watanuki, see them. Watanuki is surprised to see someone with the same power as him. However, the two posses very different views on the subject. Watanuki sees his power as a curse and wants to get rid of it as soon as he can while Ayaka thinks that she was entrusted with the power so that she can help the spirits and guide them.

Suddenly, one of Ayaka's friends ask her if there is a spirit with them t that moment and Ayaka tells her that there is before running of and falling to her knees on the sidewalk. Her friends run after her but Ayaka says that nothing really happened, the spirit just scared her a bit. Watanuki then approaches the group of girls and tells Ayaka that nothing bad is following her and that it is okay to relax (he says this because he does not see any evil spirits around her). Ayaka however gets angry at him and starts yelling at Watanuki
, telling him that he has no idea what she is going through and that he has no right to tell her to relax. Mokona then sees a food stand and runs to asks for food. Watanuki runs after him and bumps into Ayaka by mistake. This whole time, it seems that a bad spirit was clinging to Watanuki but when he bumped into Ayaka, the spirit left him and stayed with Ayaka. When Watanuki looks back, the spirit has possessed Ayaka and so she now appears depressed and with a grey tint. She is now also emotionless. Ayaka and her friends decide to leave and Watanuki is left on the road, starting at them.


Like Watanuki, Ayaka has the power to see spirits. She says that she can see them and hear them. They often say things like "it hurts," or "it's painful." She also hears their screams and their cries, specially at night. Ayaka says that because of her power, she cannot sleep, gets strong headaches all the time and feels heavy.

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