It’s Watanuki’s first day working for Ichihara Yuuko and things aren’t going well. Watanuki complains that her storeroom is too messy and filled with junk and Yuuko disagrees telling him that everything in the room is “treasure.” As they keep bickering, Yuuko suddenly tells Watanuki that a customer has arrived. The customer is a young woman who tells Yuuko that recently, she has been having trouble moving her pinkie finger. Yuuko then asks the woman if she has any bad habits that could cause this sort of effect and the woman says that she doesn’t. When the woman denies having a bad habit, Watanuki notices that there is a black smoke surrounding her pinkie finger. Yuuko then gives the woman a ring and tells her to wear it on her pinkie. She tells her that she is not obligated to wear the ring.

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