Watanuki is in a grocery store and asks a clerk for a vitamin drink (this is crossover with another CLAMP series named “Legal Drug.”). When Watanuki buys the drink, he goes over to Yuuko’s shop where Yuuko is lying down, moaning and complaining about her hangover pain. Yuuko guzzles down the drink followed with a glass of water and she is immediately back to her usual self. She then declares that she must go out and that Watanuki must go with her. When Watanuki asks how they’re going to get to their destination, Yuuko answers that they will be walking to Ginza, a place very, very far from there. Watanuki asks how they will get there in time and so Yuuko shows Watanuki a portal she has in her shop that allows her to go to faraway places quickly.

Watanuki and Yuuko manage to arrive at Ginza in a short time. When they arrive, Yuuko sets off in search of a sports shop in order to buy a baseball bat. Watanuki is confused and tells her that she could have bought a baseball bat in any sports store but Yuuko protests and says that this is the only store that sells red bats. After buying the bat, Yuuko takes Watanuki to an apartment building. Yuuko then tells Watanuki that this is the house of a customer before knocking on the door.

Characters that appear in this chapterEdit

  1. Watanuki Kimihiro
  2. Kazahaya Kudo (Protagonist of "Legal Drug" series by CLAMP)
  3. Rikuo Himura (Protagonist of "Legal Drug" series by CLAMP)
  4. Ichihara Yuuko
  5. Maru and Moro

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