Watanuki and Yuuko are both sitting in Yuuko’s customer’s apartment. This customer is also a young woman. Yuuko tells Watanuki that she and the woman met over the internet. It turns out that the woman’s wish is to quit the internet because she has a computer addiction. She says that she doesn’t do much work or spend time with her family because she is so addicted but the biggest problem is that she cannot seem to quit because she doesn’t have the determination. Yuuko then asks the woman why she decided to quit in the first place and the woman said that it was because her husband told her to which Yuuko asks her if she does everything that her husband tells her to. Then Yuuko continues to explain that when you want to do something, the only way you can achieve it is if you are doing it for yourself and not anyone else. Yuuko then asks the woman again if SHE really wants to stop and the woman says that she really does. Yuuko then tells the woman that everything is done and that she and Watanuki will leave now. Watanuki and Yuuko leave the woman’s apartment, telling her that she must stick to the promise she made to herself.
After leaving, Yuuko and Watanuki go to the park nearby. Watanuki asks Yuuko why they are at the park and why they don’t just go home to which Yuuko responds that they are waiting for the final result.

Characters that appear in this chapterEdit

  1. Watanuki Kimihiro
  2. Ichihara Yuuko
  3. Troubled Housewife

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