Watanuki and Yuuko are sitting outside the shop with Maru and Moro. Watanuki has just made tea for Yuuko, and like always, they are bickering over work when suddenly, it starts to rain. Watanuki finds this strange since it was a completely clear day and Yuuko explains that when it starts raining on a sunny day, that means that the pipe fox spirit, Kitsune, has claimed a wife. Yuuko explains that on days like these, you should get a mirror and hold it to your heart, close your eyes and stay quiet. The first words that you hear are supposed to be an omen. When Watanuki does this, he hears a voice saying “Today we will come. Be ready to welcome us.” When he tells Yuuko what he heard, Yuuko goes inside the shop and changes her clothes. She then says that they are completely ready to welcome their guests. Right at that moment, the sky opens up in a way and Syaoran and Sakura (the protagonists from Tsubasa) appear in front of Yuuko and Watanuki. Syaoran asks Yuuko if she is the dimension witch and Yuuko tells him that she is. Sakura is at that time, unconscious in Syaoran’s arms and suddenly, Syaoran pleads to Yuuko to save Sakura.

Characters that appear in this chapterEdit

  1. Watanuki Kimihiro
  2. Ichihara Yuuko
  3. Maru and Moro
  4. Tsubasa Li
  5. Princess Tsubasa

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