Chapter CaptionsEdit

The shop that Yuuko-san left...Was it Watanuki's desicion to take over it!?

Kimihiro-kun, is hopeless in geting hurt in heart, As in body...

Within the eternal time, Watanuki continues to grant wishes, Everyone is worried about that.

His "loneliness", As everyone's bond is erasable. His only "Wish" in the thoughts of everyone, As if it can be granted...

For the price of his own time, Watanuki became the store owner. Uncapable of drawing limits, His mind goes to the dream world, but who may be awaiting!?

Much has been convey in the dream, That person and the breathing miracle. Before that kept the faith, Wishing to continue from where it ended, What's the future iluminated in watanuki's pupil!?

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