Watanuki asks the spirit if he may ask her a question, so she replies that she might allow four. He learns that she's used for prayer, more exactly as a talisman for family peace. She wears blue, red, yellow, white and black flags. Watanuki asks her one more question, so she agrees. He also learns that she can't be exposed to sunlight.

He finally guesses that she's a Heigushi . He places it in a box, while Doumeki wonders as to why the professor didn't get it. He continues to explain that the Heigushi are decorations attached to the a building the day of the completion, meant for good fortune and expel bad luck. They have 5 strips of color paper matching the 5 elements, which are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

It also seems that it's from a very old building, and rather important since it acquired a human form and spoke. Doumeki still wonders what he would've done if he couldn't guess, so he says that he needed hints, though he can't treat the Heigushi as a thing. Doumeki calls it a Tsukumogami, though Watanuki says it doesn't matter, it still wants to exist as a Heigushi. They argue about where to put it, deciding it'd be best to put it in a temple, Doumeki's acquaintance to be exact. It waves, meaning it agrees with that, though Doumeki still has to explain to his professor.

When discussing the price, Watanuki asks Doumeki that he should bring sake to the temple and the shop as well. The Heigushi reacts, to which Watanuki adds that he should better bring a good sake. He goes off to bring more sake, hoping Mokona didn't drink it and asks Doumeki if his temple isn't on reconstruction plans, though he says no, Watanuki replies that it's a subject meant for later on. 

He implies making one for Doumeki in the future.

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