Chapter CaptionsEdit

Both the pain he's lost and the joy he bears-
The feelings he collects
Are within that breast-


Watanuki is at the yard, while rain is falling down. He comments how the grass should be prepared for winter, how it hasn't rained in forever, and that he'll get a gardener to fix it. At that moment, a woman in an umbrella appears.

Watanuki couldn't meet the woman at that time, neither could Mokona, who ran at her but didn't find her. Though, Watanuki is sure she'll come again eventually and decides to wait for her. Suddenly, the woman appears, and Watanuki glances at her, she's crying. She looks extremely sad.

She asks him what kind of shop it is, when he answers that is a shop that grants wishes, Watanuki asks her what is her wish. Apparently, she is waiting for her partner who promised he'd meet her under the umbrella.

Doumeki and Watanuki discuss about the woman. What is her wish, Doumeki says, to which he replies "I want to meet that person".

It's raining again and the woman appears one more time. She's dissapointed, since he promised he'd meet her. She believes she must have done something to hurt him... Then Watanuki asks her about the umbrella.

He had given her the umbrella and told her they could meet under the umbrella without attracting the public gaze. Watanuki then notices a charm over the umbrella, "the serpent's eye".

The charm prevents people from "snooping". But he continues to explain that once the target is set, others can't spy it. Having said this, he removes the charm. He fixes it and puts it inside, so it can be seen again. The man now appears beside her. "Finally, we can meet again". Watanuki gazes at them as they leave.

It was just a misunderstanding of how the charms operates. People tend to think that it keeps an eye for the target who tries to spy. It was likely that their relation is one where they can't meet in public. People can't know about what kind of relationship they have, but seeing that without obstruction is also inelegant, Watanuki tells Doumeki. The payment was the umbrella itself.

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