Chapter CaptionsEdit

She wants the means to go out from there,
So that she may fly
To the person she loves—


Watanuki finds himself inside a dream. Everything is pitch black around him and there is no light. Suddenly, a black swallowtail butterfly appears. The butterfly radiates a circle of light and so Watanuki reaches out to touch it but then he suddenly wakes up. The next morning, he talks and explains the dream to Shizuka. They are making hot blowfish in tea. Shizuka asks who's dream it was (they both think that the dream belonged to a person who is in need of Watanuki's help. In other words, Watanuki was in the dream of a customer) and Watanuki confesses that he has no idea but that he will go back to the dream that night and find out. Watanuki sees the same butterfly that night. The butterfly just flies around him but does not do anything. Watanuki starts asking it questions such as: why are you here? Do you have a message that I need to pass on? But the butterfly does not answer. Watanuki puts out his hand and the butterfly is about to land on it when Watanuki awakes. Again, the next day, Watanuki explains to Shizuka while they are having lunch together. Shizuka is baffled when he hears that the butterfly did not do anything but Watanuki remains patient and says that he will definitely dream it again. This same pattern continues for another night. The next day, Watanuki tells Shizuka that he will preform a spell on the butterfly to see if it will tell him what it wants. In the dream, Watanuki makes the butterfly get close to his hand and then he preforms the spell so the butterfly is locked inside a box. Watanuki tells it that it will not get out until it tells him it's wish. Suddenly, the box opens against Watanuki's will and the butterfly get's out. The butterfly starts fluttering away and so Watanuki follows it but after a few seconds, Watanuki looks up to see Yuko Ichihara, standing beside the butterfly.

Characters that appear in this chapterEdit

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