Chapter CaptionsEdit

The woman who came to the shop, holds the other...

This Woman Who is Guided to the edge by her connection, visited yuuko's shop. But is it also in her hand the dirty doll...!?

The limbs of the woman who visited the store again, are unhealthy, And sadly bandages are wraped around them...!! Will Yuuko's words cronfront her about that!?

The edges intersect, The mystery deepens.


Watanuki is startled by the identical phone straps that the new customer brings, while Yuko explains to the woman that she's seen them before in the shop. She tells Yuko it is her friend and asks about her, despite working in the same company. When Yuko implied that the two of them are good friends, she replies that she's a very dear friend of hers.

Watanuki comments that she didn't drink either, while Yuko tells him that he's got a "weird face" meaning by this that he seemed doubtful. To this Watanuki replies that even if they had two phone straps only one was dirty.

Back at the Institute, Watanuki talks with both Himawari and Doumeki and reflects on why only one of the phone straps would get dirty, two women and it's the same for them both. He also tells them that Yuko said the customer would be back, because it's necessary for her. The scene changes, now back to Yuko, Watanuki and Doumeki. 

Watanuki seems to be "back to his old self" because of the yelling towards Doumeki, to which Yuko comments that she doesn't need a TV for they both are making a married couple comedy right in front of her. She asks for more booze, so he leaves annoyed.

Yuko and Doumeki talk, Doumeki telling her that he's connected to the customer, though she says that the customer isn't involved and not to worry.

As Watanuki is tending the clothes, the customer appears. Now she's wearing bandages on her arm and leg.

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