Chapter CaptionsEdit

Sadness pushes into the carved out scars, but why!?

The sexual body of the woman visited Yuuko's shop again, The tight  bandages around her feelt warm... By chance or maybe by accident..!?

A scar each time the visit is repeated, carried by the undermined woman...The dolls missing meaning, What fate they'll bring!?

There's scars to be spread, deepening mystey.


Yuko asks the woman how she got the injuries. She says she tripped on the subway stairs, though no one pushed her. She also asks her to take out her cellphone and coincidentally one of the phone straps is broken in both arm and leg, same as the woman. When Yuko implies that she should repair it, she says it's fine, because it was given to her by a special friend. Watanuki comments on how she didn't touch her drink when the other woman arrives, not knowing how she got there.

Watanuki and Himawari both comment on how the woman got the injuries, focusing on how both the phone strap and the woman were injuried in the same places. Yuko asked her if there would be any significance on them having the same phone straps, to which she replied that they had 2 identical ones, so to think of the one with the bell as her and the other one, would be herself. He tells Himawari that it felt wrong, the woman having given her friend the dirty and broken one, and still she was smiling.

Watanuki enters the shop again, to find the woman with an eyepatch now.

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