Chapter CaptionsEdit

"The Other... She'll come to it, because it's necessary..."

Every time it repeats the visit, There's a scar inscribed in the female customer!! The mystery deepens, Where's the truth!?

Every time you visit this store, The scars continue to increase. And also has the doll she had in her hands...What do you think of the darkness that deepens,Watanuki!!

"Unfriendly" The impact of it hints out "malice", disturbing Watanuki's sad heart!! The other's coming... She awaits for fate!?


Doumeki and Watanuki discuss about the woman. Once again, she appeared with injuries on the same place that her phone strap did. Afterwards, the curly woman appeared, same as the other one, with her phone strap broken and the other in perfect condition. When Doumeki asked him about Yuko's opinion, he replied that Yuko told him "it's not over yet". Also, when discussing wheter they would come back or not, Yuko told him that they will since it's neccesity that dictates so. 

Watanuki returns to the shop, asking Maru and Moro where's Yuko, so they tell him she's got a customer. Watanuki peeks in, seeing the curly woman again. She's asking where's her friend, wondering if she's come by. When Yuko wonders what's the matter, she says that she wanted to know how her "injuries" are doing. So naturally Yuko asks how wouldn't she know if they work on the same company. She replies that they work on different departments, though Yuko asks some more as to how she still wouldn't see her on a daily basis since they're such close friends.

She replies that some things are "hard to forgive, precisely if they are done by such a close friend", refering to this as her friend having stolen her boyfriend and cheated with him, saying that's the worst and more so the woman who sink to such a situation. Altough, trying to retaliate against those people would make one look as bad as them, so she found a way to avenge by giving her the phone straps she found online, and aside from that she didn't do no more, by this implying that whatever harm comes to her, she washes off her hands from that situation so it has nothing to do with her.

Watanuki comes in, to which the woman reacts by saying that the people who can prove she hasn't done anything wrong has increased. He is startled by that, to which Yuko replies that it was neccesity that brought her to the shop, since it was neccesary for her to find people who would prove that she didn't directly harm her. Though Watanuki tells her she just confessed to them, it would be unlikely for anyone to believe it.

While he wonders if the other woman is doing okay, Yuko says that she'll come back since it's neccesary for her.

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