Chapter CaptionsEdit

"unfriendly" it should be the same way...

"That Child no matter what I'am, Does not matter"

"Unfriendly" That word, In that moment it turned into a malicious bare, Sad darkness, It began to spread in front of Watanuki's eyes...!!

In the same place as the broken doll, The increasing number of scars on a costumer...She gave the doll the true meaning of "undfriendly", It was a revenge for her!!

Fake smile, That ruthless look followed a shocking confession Without feelings, Horrifyingly the doll's neck fell down, If this is reality... then what's that!?

Watanuki what's the truth in front of the pitch black web of the women !?


Watanuki and Doumeki are walking down the street, suddenly Doumeki pinches Watanuki's cheek saying that he looked like a blowfish. He tells Watanuki that the client visited the store again, though the phone strap was in terrible conditions. Watanuki tells him that he can't do much, all he does is talk too much, to which Doumeki replies "like always, isn't it?"

Once they reach the store, the twins tell them that Yuko is attending a client who came earlier. Yuko asks her if her injuries have got worse, and she tells her that she got hit by a motorcycle and a board. Yuko asks her to show her the phone strap, and she does- Yuko telling her that another client has one that is similar to hers and that's her best friend. She continues to tell her that it's because she's her friend that she allows certain things, saying that although her boyfriend changed his mind she's the one who's miserable now. Also calling her a low life woman, stating that they are on the same level.

She, like her friend, searched online and found the phone strap. Upon meeting her she gave her the phone strap, implying that they both thought of the same thing. So she thankfully received the phone strap, doing no more. While saying this, she slowly breaks the long rabbit-like ears' doll head, adding that a curse can become worse to the person who created it. Afterwards, the head falls to the ground. Yuko stares at her, while Watanuki looks in shock.

At last she adds: "you can prove I haven't done anything, right"?

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