Chapter CaptionsEdit

Along with the shocking confession, Deep darkness!!

The women placed a curse on the "unfriendly", And left knowing it, wishing misfortune to the other. That bond, Was always focused to disaster... always was!!

Compromised in a rainy day to a white house apartment!! breathing is good (!?) such as the wait for two persons, A dreamy adventurous couple!!? or...


Watanuki is still in shock, as Yuko tries to explain to him that she had the need of coming to the shop because of her friend; to which he adds how could they call themselves friends? But as Yuko continues, she tells him that being friends meant that they were alike, fooling each other and calling each other "a low life woman", thinking they are better and despising each other, to the point that they wouldn't understand the curse. Identical.

She continues to explain, that if someone believes that people surrounding him are stupid and worthless it just might be it himself. She wonders, what does Watanuki think about the people surrounding him? He replies to her that "someone" is a pain in the neck to him, meaning Doumeki. While Watanuki leaves, Doumeki and Yuko have a conversation, saying "it's still not the time" but also "the time will surely come". Yuko's vague words add that they are coming back to the start point, and also the egg that Doumeki (still) posseses came to him because of his bond with Watanki, and if anything should happen it will be in accordance to people's wishes, but the effects of them depend on the people who wish.

Watanuki comes back, yelling at Doumeki that he better not have been talking ill of him or else he wouldn't eat, but he eats anyway. Yuko wants to try the paella but Watanuki refuses saying that she's got such bad manners, Watanuki and Doumeki keep on arguing, Yuko laughs at the situation saying it's a great comedy to watch.

Lastly, Yuko sends the love birds in a mision. They leave for Watanuki's appartment building (Chitose's, Kobato.) although it's not in Watanuki's apt, rather it's his neighbor. Strangely, Watanuki doesn't remember seeing his neighbor and he's only seen the owner once or twice. Doumeki enters.

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