Chapter CaptionsEdit

"Yuuko-san told us to get inside the room...Nothing else to do"

A new request from Yuuko-san, The place, Watanuki's apartment in a rainy day!!!  wich one of the two will hear the story!?

The request from Yuuko-san, it ended up becoming just entering the empty room next to watanuki's. Did they listened before proceeding!?

In a room with only a T.V., The mystery of the voice that has been heard... The look of Yuuko staring at Watanuki from behind, What kind of future is reflected!?


Watanuki and Doumeki enter the building, strangely Doumeki doesn't remember which apt is Watanuki's.

Either way, they go inside the room which is abandoned except for a TV that's left behind. Doumeki teases him saying he should take it since he doesn't have one. He says it's wrong and yells at him while Doumeki enters, Watanuki and him stare at the TV for a while and argue again, with Doumeki saying that there are things he cares about. Later on, he turns on the TV since Watanuki wanted to see the series that Himawari told him about.

Back at the shop Yuko asks Watanuki how was it, he tells her the show was interesting although at the end a voice called him. "Hey you" it said.

He said that the voice seemed to be coming from the TV although the show already had ended, and there was no one else in that floor since they're unoccupied rooms. Yuko stares at him, and he adds that it must have been the TV, trying to shake off the subject. He goes to prepare dinner and leaves, Yuko watching him from behind.

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