Chapter CaptionsEdit


In a living room where there's only a T.V. a mysterious voice arrived next to Watanuki...

"what will be the effects of a wish, that depends on who hands the wish..."

Deeply, in the world where the quiet mystery spreads what future awaits for Watanuki!?

The mysterious voice heard on the room, And Watanuki's reaction towards it. In the sharpness of his distinguished straight act, It's sure he can protect that guy's pride!!

at last "you" by emiting that word, Watanuki turned around towards the mysterious voice. the mystery extends like a shadow what fate awaits him!?

Yuuko talks about a "Tangled thread" What is implied...


Back at high school, Watanuki and Doumeki talk about the night earlier. Watanuki guesses that the voice was coming from the TV after all and that he was talking to a TV!

He asks Doumeki not to tell Himawari about it, while he grabs Watanuki's towel to dry his face. Yuko didn't tell him what they were supposed to do next. Himawari arrives and asks them to have lunch on the rooftops, though Doumeki asks Watanuki about the dessert, which is green tea jelly, and they argue. Watanuki decides to leave him behind while talking to Himawari and telling her about the TV show she told him to watch, saying it was fun. Doumeki bursts in and tells her that he guessed wrong about the culprit. While arguing again, he heard the voice calling him, "hey you, wait a moment..." And replied to it.

He told Yuko he had answered to the voice again, and afterwards nothing happened. She compliments Watanuki's jelly, and again asked her what's with the voice. She replied saying that what she asked him and Doumeki to do is not over.

Watanuki exits and walks away, wondering what Yuko wants them to do. Once more the voice comes calling him, Maru and Moro ask Yuko if he's gonna be alright, though she says that a tangled thread must be untangled.

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