Chapter CaptionsEdit

"The thing I requested continues"

The "voice" that, finally stopped Watanuki with a clear intenion...

"A thing is in the thread that you must keep unrolled" Yuuko's words, are they implying any future!?

"Hey,You..." The misterious voice also stopped Watanuki on his way home from school, Got atached around his back along with it's clear intention...

The misterious "voice" appeared in front of his very own eyes!! The shocking scene of the demon that invites him with it's countless hands, Confront it, Watanuki!!

"To come back" Why!!? Where!!?


Back at high school, Watanuki tells Doumeki that he answered the voice again, since it sounds like it's just asking a favor. But it feels like everytime it speaks it says something more. Himawari appears and excuses herself for not joining them for lunch, because she had a school commitee meeting. Watanuki offers her some snacks.

Himawari tells Doumeki that the teacher was waiting for him, but before he tries to get some of Watanuki's snacks. Both of them agree that it was delicious, so Watanuki takes it as a compliment, though it's not enough for all his hard work. He shakes off the tablecloth, and the voice speaks again. It says it has a wish.

He ends up answering the voice, like before. Why does he keep answering it?

Watanuki walks home by himself, because Doumeki and Himawari had to stay behind for a meeting. He doesn't want to worry her, so he says he'll be fine and it's just a voice after all. He asks Doumeki to take care of Himawari and walk her in case the meeting runs late.

While walking he wonders to himself, why he keeps answering it? And he decides not to answer anymore since he never did with the creatures before. But it appears again, saying it has a wish. And he answers again. It's a big creature with multiple hands. It asks him to "come back".

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