Chapter CaptionsEdit

"Come back" "come back" "come back"... it comes atacking "COME BACK"

The "voice" is out finally revealing it's true identity, atacking Watanuki!! Inviting him with it's countless hands to, The despair of darkness, or maybe to...!!?

"Because you are..." The hands attempted to drag him,The mysterious word that's given at the end. What truth's hidden in Yuuko's look!!?


The hands come reaching at Watanuki, do you want me to come back?- he asks himself while calling for Yuko, and runs away from the creature. "Come back, because"- the creature says as Yuko appears and Watanuki falls to the ground in front of her. She congratulates Watanuki for completing her request, now they're back at the Shop.

As usual, Yuko's drinking and keeping her loud manners while Watanuki's looking down, sad. He wants an explanation, and Yuko tells him she did so that he could lure it. It wouldn't come near the shop, so she made it aware of Watanuki's existence and made it follow him. Somehow, she also made him answer the creature.

He also tells her that it asked him to "come back".

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