Chapter CaptionsEdit

"Come back"...the true meaning of that voice is...?

"The "hand" that attacked him hit like an arrow with the word "come back". The look of Yuuko, that stares at him, where will those thoughts be impulsed...?

The world is standing along with everyone, Should I come back, Shouldn't I come back because... "I'll only honor watanunuki's answer" Before this truth what way he's going!?

"You, it doesn't matter where you are". The enigma this Yuuko choose...


Watanuki says that is what the creature told him, with his face down but then he looks up towards Yuuko.

Yuuko asks Watanuki "how was it?" but Watanuki is confused. Yuuko asks him if he wants to come back but Watanuki is even more confused so he asks her "Come back? Where?" Yuuko replies with another question: "Where do you think?" Watanuki seems mortified and he has been thinking about it for a while.

Watanuki asks Yuuko if she is mad with him, but Yuuko keeps a solid face, Watanuki says that the Yuuko that came out of the store seemed scary and now she does too; Yuuko asks him: "Now too?" Watanuki is silent but then he says he's got the feeling he's being tested.

Yuuko grabs Watanuki by the neck, and softly puts his head on her lap and tells him that wheter he wants to come back or not, it's something he has to decide without being fooled by others, only by him. Watanuki still doesn't understand anything but Yuuko keeps telling that wheter he wants to come back or not he's going to move on one way or another. She passes her hand in front of his eyes and Watanuki falls asleep.

Doumeki enters the shop and tells Yuuko that it doesn't matter where he's at, it's always going to do that. Yuuko also tells him that he's going to let Watanuki choose to put an end to this by himself, even though things will get hard for him (Doumeki) she also says that it goes both ways, but he is waiting for Watanuki to choose but he can choose too.

Doumeki looks at Watanuki and says he just couldn't choose, to which Yuuko replies that Doumeki’s hardest thing is waiting for Watanuki to choose. Yuuko pats her side for Doumeki to sit and she leans his head against her shoulder saying happily that both of them are good boys while Doumeki falls asleep too.

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