Chapter CaptionsEdit

"What is your wish?"

A crybaby, but drinks a lot, she appears to be young, but she is not! What would be the Yosuzume's wish, who appeared in Yuuko's store?

In Yuuko-san's acquaintance she's one of the top 10 in longevity, and one of the top 5 heavy drinkers. The Yosuzume!! will that wish also be outside of the standards!?

Watanuki's chef like delicious rice and sake has conected (?) the yosuzume and the other. She wants him to help that person, Who's that person!?


At high school, Watanuki and Doumeki are having lunch together. Doumeki says, this time the client was a girl who made his heart beat fast. Watanuki replies to him fast, saying it wasn't like that. She has the appearance of a little girl, but she drank a lot of suntory alongside Yuuko. The fact that they drank all the whisky from the shop and had him running around to get more is what made his heart quicken.

He continues to complain because Yuuko and Yosuzume were making him preposterous petitions in the middle of the night, asking for yakisoba, omusoba, scrambled eggs, frankfurt cheese and all sorts of things. Doumeki asks him if he's gonna do something about her. "And why would I do that?" he replies, though Doumeki tells him, because of Yuuko- san. And he recalls that they will do something, including Doumeki, since it's Yuuko's orders. He agrees, and tells Watanuki he must do bento and a dinner afterwards, for a week.

Doumeki shoves the glass in his face, asking for more tea. He calls him greedy and pours more lemon tea for him. Doumeki says that starting from that day, he will be waiting for his dinner, while Watanuki tells him he's only gonna get nightmares with a full stomach like that. It's passed midnight at Doumeki's temple, and Watanuki wonders if Yosuzume got lost. He tells Doumeki that she's got a crappy sense of orientation and probably got lost.

Just then, she appears and it starts to rain. She knocks Watanuki to the ground, so Doumeki asks her to get off, she apologizes and then drinks from a bottle. Watanuki feels that his heart is racing again, and offers her some food. Doumeki asks her if it's good, and Watanuki gets upset since he's bragging for the food he didn't make.

Strangely, Doumeki offers Watanuki his own food and he eats it, saying obviously it's good since he made it. He asks him, "Is it so?", to which Watanuki replies "What is it?" But they carry on and eat more of his food.

Yosuzume tells Watanuki that she felt it, that it is him and he must help that child, refering to Watanuki.

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