Chapter CaptionsEdit

If it's you, I'm sure...

"I need your help, Please help that child". Believing in Watanuki, The Yosuzume told him this. The thought of her feelings in those sincere eyes, will they arrive!?

"Please help that child" Standing the Yosuzume yelled her wish looking at Watanuki. Toghether with Doumeki, In a path to be able to give a man glory!?

"Just the son of a temple" and "a student" where recognized by the trees as "Those with pure feelings", Conspicuosly kicking that man off this new world!!

Are both of them waiting to recieve one being!?


Watanuki, Doumeki and Yosuzume are walking down in the midst of darkness. They are carrying a box each of them, while Doumeki tells Watanuki he should pay attention to the sound. Yosuzume is walking ahead with them following her, Watanuki comments that it's the first time he hears someone talking about the shining things surrounding her. Doumeki wonders why she's called the "night sparrow" and Watanuki replies that it's because of her singing "chi, chi chi" and looks like a sparrow, besides she can see through the darkness.

Doumeki says that it didn't sound like a "chi chi" but more of a "bwahh" kind of cry. Watanuki keeps talking saying altough with her appearance, she is still much older- then she turned around to face him and she says she can't go any further. She gives them an artifact that will help them move through the darkness, they must listen to its sound.

She releases it and it rings, so they chase after it. Watanuki turns around one last time and she tells them: "help somehow, please". Watanuki can't help but wonder where it's taking them- suddenly a voice calls "Who is it?"

"Who are you?", the voice says. Watanuki replies saying that the Yosuzume told them to come, though they do not know exactly what they're supposed to do, only that they must help someone.

The voice tells Doumeki that he can sense his purity, and asks him if he is a Shinto priest, to which he answers that he's just the son of a priest, and Watanuki just a schoolboy. The voice tells them to continue, now they are standing in front of a large tree. The stem parts open.

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