Chapter captionsEdit

The two of them were to hand the "offerings"!?

You will need things in order to save the Yamainu's life... Heart in the worships, The offerings were willingly given. Or delivered!? Watanuki's feelings!!

The flying Yamainu left behind a prayer. Continue to remember, continue to feel and give new life to the "mind", It turned into bonds rather than just a prayer!!

The Yosuzume's stunning wish came true!!


As Domeki hands him one box Watanuki is worried it may not be enough, Domeki tells him that even that small amount is a valuable offering because it was made by Watanuki himself.

Watanuki's left eye seem to hurt, The Yamainu unveils the offerings saying that is indeed something he hasn't smelled in a while that food and sake, The Yamainu asks if they'll offer that to him, Watanuki says they will if he wants to which the Yamainu replies he does, the offerings float the way over to the Yamainu becoming some sort of life essence, the Yamainu absorbs them and his eyes are filled back with life.

The Yamainu shouts out that the offerings were perfect, plants begin to grow and move quickly, the Yamainu says the offering has filled him with power but he can't stay in that mountain 'cause otherwise he'll disappear very soon just like the other Yamainu, he says it's the right time...

Worried, Watanuki asks if it's the time to go somewhere else, the Yamainu says he's correct, Watanuki runs towards the Yamainu and asks him if he can tell him where is he going, he would like it to be a place near so he can go and give him food and sake again.

The Yamainu says that it'll be difficult 'cause the situation is the same in every place in the country they are not needed, Watanuki says that they are really needed and there's people who need him, The Yamainu looks at Watanuki and tells him there's many other people who don't need them and that's the reality of the country, Watanuki seems dissapointed.

The Yamainu stands up and walk towards Watanuki and Domeki, facing them. The Yamainu calls them the ones guided by the Yosuzume, He tells them he has made wings out of branches so he could fly, he says there's a probability they'll never meet again and also tells them to give thanks to the Yosuzume and that she will understand, Watanuki keeps looking sad.

Domeki frankly tells the Yamainu that there are maybe not many believers but there's still many who do believe and those people those like Watanuki will never forget him, those people definitely want to be beside him, Watanuki seems surprised and sad at the same time.

The Yamainu says he will pray for their happiness from far away as long as they keep remembering while he's taking flight; that’s the Yamainu's final words as he's seen flying and glowing trough the tree tops.

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