Chapter captionsEdit

By continuing to remember, by continuing to feel. That prayer. This bond, Should change someday...

Watanuki has granted Yosuzume's stunning wish: "To help that child". Then the Yamainu took off, The reason for his chest to come and go is because of his...?

The truth beneath Yosuzume's young looks is that she's a wife!!!! The growing shock that with the Yamainu they are a couple of conjugal manners in needs, What's going on with Watanuki's training!?

"What was lost, Does not return unchanged" The true meaning of Yuuko's words...


At the shop, Watanuki talks with Yuko and she asks him, so he just left? But Watanuki looks worried. "What's wrong", she says, while he replies he's just wondering what will happen to the being that was protecting the mountain. Yuko tells him it'll be the way it has to be. A being that has stopped being important and was forgotten is only meant to disappear, no matter how big, powerful or small it might be. Things will continue its course, and it isn't good or bad.

But only one thing is certain: Things will not go back to the way they were before.

Watanuki suddenly gets a headache while Yuko tells him, even if something seems to have changed, it's not the same thing. That which has been lost will not go back to the way it was before.

A bird appears and flies by, next to Watanuki's eyes, while his head continues to hurt. Yuko stares at him. Afterwards things go back to normal and Yuko thanks Watanuki. Doumeki appears, bringing a tray with tsukemono and tofu. He serves a drink to Yuko, telling Watanuki to stop staring. Then Yuko remarks that since Yamainu is gone, Yosuzume will be gone as well. It's natural, since they are a couple.

Watanuki seems puzzled and shocked to hear this, how is it possible since she looks just like a child! But she's also married, Yuko reminds him. She teases him saying that he likes that kind of girl, saying it's a fetish for married girls. But there are also lots of drunks, so which is better?

Watanuki replies by yelling at them: NONE! But Yuko continues to tease him, asking if there's someone closer to his strike zone. And he keeps arguing with them.

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