Chapter CaptionsEdit

"Only one thing is the same for everyone-
Things will never be back to the way they were before."
The sad but shocking words pronounced by Yuko-san. What's the fate that awaits Watanuki?


Watanuki and Doumeki are at school cleaning up the fallen leaves, while Doumeki tells him to stop being evasive. But he replies saying he's not evading anything. Then Doumeki tells him he stopped moving his hands, but that was because Watanuki was thinking in something. They fight again, Watanuki telling him he's going to throw the leaves out.

"So what were you thinking?"- Doumeki asks. He replies that it was something Yuko told him, but what? Then Watanuki asks him if he's free today. When he says yes, Watanuki tells him he must go to the store, so he plans on calling home and saying he's eating out. But then, that means he will eat there, so they must stop by a store on the way back. Doumeki looks worried.

They return to the store and are greeted by the twins. Watanuki hands over the bags to Maru and Moro and asks them not to carry Doumeki's bags, saying he should carry them himself. Vegetables go in the fridge and the rest for the first and third shelf, while Watanuki mocks Doumeki. Yuko welcomes him back.

Watanuki looks pleased after seeing the washed clothes, and Yuko tells him that Maru and Moro took care of it, even folded the sheets. He's so happy that they are learning, they just need to be taught! Yuko says he's like a proud mother by the growth of their children, while he replies that he didn't give birth to them! So he's gonna give birth? Yuko asks, but he yells that HE CAN'T!

Yuko keeps teasing him, telling him that his answers are lacking the comic relief, so he won't be winning the M1 contest. Watanuki says he wouldn't enter the contest anyway. Doumeki enters, while Yuko tells him that his "partner" said so. Once again he replies that Doumeki isn't his partner!

Watanuki tells Yuko that if Doumeki is going to be drinking and eating he should at least carry his bags and clean. Doumeki tells Yuko that she wanted to speak to him, to which she replies: "Yes. With you both." She opens her hand and two devices appear. She says it's a gift of thanks from Yamainu and Yosuzume.

Watanuki says they're leads, indeed. The white one was given by Yosuzume and it will lead to a place where they want to go only once. The black one, given by Yamainu will lead to a place where they want to return, but only once. Yuko tells them that each must choose one of them according to their own neccesity. Watanuki looks puzzled, while Doumeki tells him that he must choose first. Watanuki looks sad.

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