Chapter CaptionsEdit

Watanuki's choice is...?

"Only once to a place you want to go, and only once to a place you want to go back" Watanuki was forced to choose what he wants, Which fate!?

A hundred yen coin should be only present in a myard... Everyday evil is emitted by bad people, inviting Watanuki to a new incident!!


Doumeki and Yuko await for Watanuki's choice. He looks nervous and doesn't know what to do, when suddenly a phone rings. He runs off to get the phone; Doumeki and Yuko stare at each other. She tells him it is what Watanuki has chosen.

Watanuki is seen raking leaves from Doumeki's temple, while Doumeki tells him that he needs to stop being lazy, though Watanuki replies he's not. Besides he's cleaning out the leaves for him, which is something he should be doing himself.

Doumeki teases him saying that he was gathering the fallen leaves and then lost his temper... But then again he doesn't need to take note in his personal diary. Anyway, Watanuki needed some seeds from his temple. They argue again, Watanuki saying that Doumeki had him sweeping his entire garden, which is too much for one person without help. Doumeki says he's willing to let it go if he can finish in one day, but then they notice an old woman standing in front of the temple, holding some coins.

She asks Doumeki where is the offering box, but Doumeki replies they don't have one. He points her out to one temple, the Inari temple, by the left. As she leaves, Watanuki notices that she's holding coins, 100 yens coins; but then he says it's just his imagination.

Watanuki is walking across the street complaining about Doumeki's work, saying he's not getting pistachios even if he makes them very delicious. He stops and looks at a couple of girls, one who seems to be asking the other for something, then taking her purse and giving the other three 100 yen coins. Also he notices that this girl giving out the coins has bandages on her right leg.

Watanuki looks worried and wonders what they're doing. Also he sees that they exchanged the coins, they were not old nor dirty, but either way they exchanged them.

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