Chapter CaptionsEdit

"Going to a place you want to go" and "Going to a place you want to return to"... Between these two options, Watanuki's heart was touched.

In the shadows of the beautiful everyday of everyone, silently and secretly, time continued to flow in that place he cannot return to.


At the temple, Watanuki and Doumeki are talking. "What's with that?", Doumeki asks. He tells him that they were just exchanging 300 yen. But how did he feel with that, Doumeki asks. He tells him that he felt shivers through his body, and he remembers feeling the same thing before, with the woman who came to the temple earlier. She also had 300 yen in her hand, and also felt shivers with her. Doumeki touches his elbow, but then Watanuki sees three girls talking about the same thing and runs towards them.

He approaches them and asks them why would they exchange 100 yen? Some sort of superstition?

Then they agree to tell him about it, and they say with three 100 yen coins, good things will happen with that person. If something good happens with that person, the person who exchanged it with him will have good things in return. They say it's time to back to school and Doumeki tells them to be careful.

Watanuki tells Doumeki that it's an enchantment, but it's not a common one. It doesn't specify what sorts of things will happen, and also it needs people to exchange the coins instead of giving them out.

Back at the institute, Watanuki, Doumeki and Himawari are having lunch outside. He says they won't be able to eat out for longer since it's getting cold during the mornings and nights. Nevertheless Himawari is happy since they can eat Watanuki's good stuff. He is glad and thanks her, pointing out that Doumeki never thanks him for anything. Then her cellphone rings and she apologizes, saying she forgot to turn it off.

She says it's a text, and Watanuki tells her it's okay to answer. Though she says she's been having lots of those lately, texts saying you can exchange your own 300 yen with someone else. Watanuki asks her if she's tried. She replies she hasn't, but Watanuki tells her it would be better if she wouldn't do it.

She agrees.

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