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Himawari says it's okay, since it's Watanuki that asked her not to do it. Though, he feels as he were forcing her. Still he asks her not to, even if it's just a hunch.

She's okay with it though, because he does it to protect her. He thanks her, but she replies she's the one who should be thanking him! For everything!

Himawari then passes him a glass with tea, and he gladly takes it. Doumeki looks over suspictious.

Walking over Doumeki's temple, Doumeki and Watanuki discuss the 300 yen exchange and they say it's very popular even among students of their age. Also, at the temple- but Watanuki is cut short when entering and seeing the old lady from the other day. She apologizes for having run off before, saying she'll stay this time and give the proper prayers. Watanuki asks her about the 300 yen coins she had that day.

He asks her if he wanted to put the coins in the offering box that day, because she wanted to ask for something. She replies she did, and apologizes. Watanuki says she needn't to apologize, though she was carring a purse and still holding those coins in her hand.

Doumeki asks her where did she get those coins. She replies that someone just asked her: "do you have three hundred yen coins?" and she says she did, so he asked her to exchange them with him. She was intrigued. The coins weren't dirty or broken. When she asked him why he wanted her to do so, he just replied that she should just exchange them. She took three hundred yen from her purse and he snatched them from her hand and ran away. Watanuki asks her in what condition that man was, and she answered that he was badly injured and shouldn't have been walking. When he left he whispered something to her, saying "if you don't exchange them with someone as well..."

But she didn't exchange them. Having them made her uncomfortable and scared, so she decided to leave them in the offering box.

She apologizes for leaving the coins in the offering box. Watanuki says it was the best. For herself, and - he is cut short again when the lady's cellphone rings and she says it's time for her to go. Doumeki asks Watanuki what followed after "for herself and..."

"And the other people. Exchanging three hundred yen is a curse.", Watanuki replies.

It means the three hundred yen someone one day cursed, will keep on passing from one person to another, engulfed with the feelings of someone who expected something bad to happen, and it will continue to chase after the people who do the exchange.

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