"They pass by the hands of many people, and the expectation continues to rise. And somewhere, a moment comes, when something incredible happens", Watanuki says.

Regardless, it's unknown if it's a good or bad thing.
It means something bad will indeed happen. Almost all of the people who participate in that exchange are wishing for it.

And the old lady, she must have perceived it. The bad feeling of exchanging those coins, she couldn't even explain it. "But somehow, it is evil. Being involved with those feelings would be bad.", that's what she thought, and that's what she did. And the curse was stopped.

Watanuki believes she's a devoted person with deep faith, and so her ability to perceive things, or sense she's in danger, it's her gift. For old people, this power was given. To not mess with bad things, but also not staying away completely. He says the curse will suffer changes, but he's most worried with its diffusion. It appears interesting to people, but they don't think it's a bad thing. Nevertheless, once touched by the curse they can't get rid of it.

If the person gets involved, it leaves a mark, which becomes a burden, a link, something that cannot be destroyed unless a price is paid.

So why does he allow it?, Doumeki asks. Watanuki says it's because he's seen so many things in Yuko's shop, and so many things have happened. Doumeki asks him what he did he do then?

He replies that he made a choice. Then his cellphone rings, while a bird (Watanuki's sign) is seen in the background. He answers the phone though the caller already hung up.

Back at the shop, Watanuki and Yuko have some tea. He looks worried and Yuko is as glee as ever. She tells him that it wasn't the original way to pass the curse, though they should have used 10 yen coins, it makes sense to use copper coins and the 100 yen coins are different. It also means that they will exchange their luck with another person. Even if it passes through a multitude of people, it will still become a curse. The feeling that something "incredible" will happen will be tangled onto it.

Watanuki looks confused, and says he said the same things with the same words to Doumeki. He wonders why he explained things the same way she did.

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