Watanuki continues to talk to Yuko. He says that the phone was ringing, even before at the store. But then and before, Yuko asked him to choose (when Yosuzume and Yamainu's gifts arrived) and he didn't. But then, he picked up the phone and the caller hung up. As if the connection wasn't completed.

He asks her if he's wrong. But Yuko tells him that even if he chooses, it doesn't mean it's wrong but it doesn't mean it's right either. All the decisions he's made during this process has something to preceed them. People still have to choose their destiny.

Watanuki asks her, even if he's decided not to choose? But she says that not choosing is also a way of choosing. He asks her what did he choose, but it seems he's fainting. Not knowing what he chose is also something that he chose. And they decided to watch for the choices he will make. Again, the bird mark is seen in the background and he collapses into Yuko's arms. 

"That is why, we're waiting... things that return and things that do not, it is something that you really should already know", Yuko says.

That destiny is connected to you, it will circle and come back to you, because it is the wish of people and himself.

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