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Chapter 4
Chapter # 004
Chapter Length: 13 Pages
Volume # 01
Cover Characters: Yuko covered by bats
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Chapter 4 is a fourth chapter of XxxHOLiC.



After seeing the car accident, Watanuki goes back to Yuuko’s shop and brings the ring with him. He tells Yuuko what happened and asks her why she didn’t tell the woman if she knew what the woman’s bad habit was. Yuuko responds to him by telling him that the woman had to find out what her bad habit was and stop it by herself and that if Yuuko had told her, she wouldn’t have done anything because the woman didn’t care about the consequences of her habit. Watanuki then referred back when Yuuko said that they weren’t going to see that woman again and asks Yuuko if she could see the future. He also asks her if she can see his future. Yuuko says that if he believes that she can see his future, then his future is decided but if he doesn’t believe, then his future isn’t decided. Watanuki is quite confused at this response and says that he doesn’t understand to which Yuuko tells him that the world is “very narrow even though it might seem broad.” Watanuki is still very confused and so Yuuko changes the topic to Himawari, asking Watanuki if she was impressed with his bravery. She also tells him that if he hadn’t been with Himawari, Watanuki wouldn’t have seen the accident and then sends Watanuki off to cook dinner for her.