Yuuko challenges Watanuki, Domeki, and Himawari to a snowball fight in the park. The winner then gets a "secret treasure" box which will grant any wish. The Rain and Vestal Sprite also participate in the fight. First, Yuuko has everybody make a snowman, then she gives the rules. The snowmen are to throw snowballs at the opponent, that's it. Yuuko doesn't seem to participate until most of the opponents are out. Then the real fight begins. Who will win against Yuuko?



  • During the last snowball fight between Watanuki's snow rabbit and Yuuko's Fantasy Power, in the original dub Yuuko used a quote "Darling, this is your punishment! (ダーリン、おしおきだっちゃ!)" that frequently used by Lum from Urusei Yatsura.