Hydrangea (アジサイ, Ajisai) is the 7th episode of the xxxHOLiC anime series.


Yuko gets a request from a rain-spirit called Ame Warashi, and she assigns Watanuki and Domeki to take care of it. Ame Warashi is concerned about a hydrangea bush that has grown in the park. As Watanuki examines the hydrangea, he finds that some of the flowers have turned blood-red. Suddenly, a vine shoots out and drags him down under the bush, and he finds himself in a strange space where he smells some awful stench, and nothing can be seen for miles.

He's not alone in this place, however. A small girl claims she needs to go "there", but is afraid to go alone, so she enlists Watanuki to accompany her. But is this really the best course of action?


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