While using the xxxHolic wiki site, we ask you to remember this rules. If you fail to follow them, you will most likely get blocked.

General Rules

  1. No spamming or language abuse. If you use abusive language, the admins are entitled to ban your account.
  2. Don't abuse the badge system.
  3. Don't make useless edits.
  4. Don't write un-related articles to
  5. No edit wars or ship wars. (if you feel like discussing the articles, please refer to the talk page)
  6. Before making a new article please check that this article is not yet covered.
  7. Please be objective when writing articles and don't add your own thoughts about it. Non-cannon writing will be reverted.
  8. Fanfics are not allowed in here, unless you write them in the forum or your personal blog; the same goes for fanarts.
  9. When referring to something that happens only in the anime, write: anime extra or something. And viceversa.
  10. Hate Policy: We don't allow haters on here.

Vandalism & Language

  1. Removing referenced and proven content from the pages is considered vandalism.
  2. This is a encyclopedia of information on xxxHolic; we use official and correct terms in explanation on appearance. Vulgar and or slang terms are not the preferred forms to use.
  3. This wiki is not tolerant of inappropriate language in the wiki articles or forums or anywhere else on the wiki. Violators can and most likely will be quickly blocked.

Image uploading rules

  1. Don't (and this is a huge Don't) upload images that are not xxxHolic-related.
  2. Don't upload images that are already uploaded somewhere else in the site.
  3. If you're uploading a new image please link it to a page- make it useful. this is not a dumping site of xxxHolic-images.
  4. Categorize the images in their right galleries.

External sites and downloading sites

  1. Please use only CLAMP- related sites when directing to an external site
  2. If you're leaving a download link in the pages make sure it's working and it helps (again- no spamming)

Blocking, spamming, vandalism policy- for admins only

Please tag unwanted articles under the "candidates for deletion" tag.

Our "no tolerance" for spam is absolute. Please don't test us on this:

  1. If you broke any of the rules mentioned, here's what will happen: you Will get blocked, your pages Will be deleted or reverted and you Won't get a chance of editing in a long time. If you feel that you didn't break the rules and you got banned, please talk to us admins about your problem.

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