The kiseru pipe is the pipe that Yuuko owns and that was passed on to Watanuki after her death.

The Traditional Kiseru PipeEdit

The kiseru pipe is a traditional japanese pipe that was used mostly around the 17th century. It was used to
smoke thin, string-like tobacco. Traditionally, the front and mouth piece are made of metal with some kind of engraving or design on it. The stem is usually made of wood or bamboo and painted a darker colour (though this is not always the case). The kiseru pipe was usually used to show of the financial status of the owner, mostly because they were very costly in the time that they were popular. Later when cigarettes were invented, the Kiseru pipes became less and less popular and now, in the modern world, are very rare.
Kiseru Pipe
Caption: Watanuki with pipe (top)

Yuuko with pipe (bottom)

Name Kiseru Pipe
In the posession of Kimihiro Watanuki
Original Owner Yuuko Ichihara
Power None
Status Intact (good condition)

Yuuko and Watanuki's Kiseru Pipe Edit

The time and space witch, Yuuko Ichihara, posesses a kiseru pipe. Like other traditional kiseru pipes, this one has a long shaft with two metal pieces at each end. It is unknown exactly what color the metal is since at times it is shown as a gold metal and sometimes it is silver. it is thought that Yuuko has two sets of end pieces and changes them every so often. The metal has a beautiful and particular design on it. The design is smooth, but has wispy lines on the metal itself. Instead of the lines being engraved on the metal like most kiseru pipes, they go over the surface of the metal and "pop out." The stem of the pipe is red (a colour chosen by Yuuko herself)

Yuuko usually stuffs the pipe with the same, thin tobacco that creates clouds of smoke. Yuuko (and later Watanuki) can usually be seen in a closed door and windowed room with thick smoke around them. Sometimes the smoke is so thick that the image of Yuuko/Watanuki is partially covered by the smoke.

When Yuuko dies and Watanuki takes over the shop, he also decides to start smoking her kiseru pipe. This is very unusual and unexpected of Watanuki since tobacco is potentially a hazardous drug and Watanuki has always been so cautious, scolding Yuuko about drinking too much or doing dangerous things. However, the real reason is shown when he is speaking to Haruka and tells him that the only reason why Watanuki smokes the pipe is so that he could keep a part of her so that if one day, he forgets Yuuko (like he forgot about his childhood), he would remember her or be close to remembering her through the pipe. Watanuki has been seen holding and smoking the kiseru pipe since Yuuko's death for this reason.

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