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KudaKitsune tube form with Watanuki
Series: xxxHolic
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Relations: Kimihiro Watanuki (Owner)
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Current Status: Alive
Physical Traits: Small pipe with a mini version of fox head(Fox Pipe Form)
Fox with 9 tails and symbolic for his power (Full Form)
First Appearance(Manga): xxxHOLiC Vol. 5
First Appearance(Anime) xxxHOLiC #9
Voice Actors
Japanese: None
English None

Kudakitsune (管狐), later named Mugetsu (無月?], lit. moonless or no moon) by Watanuki, is a pipe fox spirit given to Yūko as payment by Ame Warashi for Watanuki's help. It quickly becomes attached to Watanuki, and protects him during dangerous situations. It is generally a small snake-like being with a fox head, but it can transform into a traditional Kitsune when it reveals its true power. It is able to create "Foxfire" in the form of large fireballs, and it can detect evil spirits. It takes a large amount of pure spiritual energy to revert it to its initial form.


The regular form, is all snake-like and slithery. Regardless of that, it tends to get inside Watanuki's clothes, climb to his face, and caress him.


XxxHOLiC - 09 - 33
It has a habit of following Watanuki when he least suspects it. It's really, really, really fond of Watanuki. Kudakitsune's the master of little hearts ♥. It doen't talk but makes squeaking noises.


The Kudakitsune, was the payment given to Yūko by the Ame-warashi for Watanuki's help. It became attached to him right away and often accompanies him on trips of the more dangerous type, but will go with him anywhere if he lets it. It used to annoy him at first, but Watanuki has warmed up to the wormy furball. The Kudakitsune has two forms: a snake-like mini version, and the traditional Kyūbi when it reveals its true power. It is able to create gigantic fireballs, also known as Foxfire or streams of fire, and can detect evil beings like the wing parasites and the spider lady in volume 8. It takes a large amount of pure spiritual energy to revert the traditional kyūbi back into its portable snake-like form. When that happens, Watanuki is forced to take the Kudakitsune to Zashiki's mountain. Watanuki later names it Mugetsu (無月, lit. moonless or no moon) for the way its eyes seem to disappear when it transforms, because the Kudakitsune became upset that Watanuki named Himawari's bird but left the Kudakitsune unnamed.

In the anime the Kudakitsune's favorite treat is deep-fried tofu, but too much of it is bad for him. If he eats too much in his larger form the markings on his head will disappear one by one and soon he would not be able to return to his pipe form, as Yūko informed Watanuki.


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