This is a list of episodes in the anime version of xxxHolic. Also see the Awards page to see what awards xxx holiday has won. XxxHolic also appears in the music video Clamp in Wonderland 2.

Season One (xxxHolic)Edit

  1. The Inevitable
  2. Falsehood
  3. Angel
  4. Fortune Telling
  5. Game of Letters
  6. Indulgence
  7. Hydrangea
  8. Contract
  9. Pinky Promise
  10. Lamplight
  11. Confession
  12. Summer Shade
  13. Transfiguration
  14. Sealed
  15. Release
  16. Reunion
  17. Self-Mutilation
  18. Ground Cherry
  19. Unreasonable
  20. Atonement
  21. Nail Clipper
  22. Temptation
  23. Choices
  24. Side Story: Reminiscence

Season Two (xxxHolic: Kei)Edit

  1. The Spider's Web
  2. Left Eye
  3. Half
  4. Dream-Buying
  5. Affinity (Kohane)
  6. Peace
  7. Water Cat (Water-Drawing)
  8. Ring (Whisper)
  9. Rumor
  10. No Return (Awareness)
  11. Secret (Alone)
  12. Truth
  13. Repayment

OVA (xxxHOLiC Shunmuki)Edit

  1. First Half (Zenpen)
  2. Last Half (Kōhen)

OVA (xxxHOLiC ROU)Edit


Holic ROU  OADEdit

  1. XxxHolic RO OAD - Adayume


TV.Com: xxxHolic Episode Guide

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