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Sanagi is a song sung by Suga Shikao. Ths song is specially written for the film A Mid-Summer Night's Dream which is a movie based on the manga and anime xxxHolic.

Sanagi - XXXHolic00:00

Sanagi - XXXHolic

Kanji LyricsEdit

Karada no sui ne maku wo jyousetsu Beta beta to sawarareru yo na Anata no sono mushi mukena yubi mo Zoku zoku shite kirai jyanakatta

Demo itsu datte anatta tokitara Hotteoku to sobakari Watashi no kotoba kaze to hajimekara motte taikuseni

Donna hi ga kuru to omoi mo shinagara dakedo Mada soko ni anata ga yukehai surakanjiru no

Anata ga inaiku natte kara mo zutto Karada wa sanagiro ni natte kawaite Fuyu no samui heya de umare kawaru mo Marude soewa utsukushi jyou mitai ni

Mada nuretteru sono hane wo Dareka ni dare ni sarenai you ni Sukoshi jutsu hiraite kuno Sora wo tobu yume wo mitte

Sonna hi ga fuuini yatte kuru no datto shitara Sono hane de doko e tondeikeba ikashira

Haji kuni na mae nai youni Anata no namae wo wasureteshimau no Omoi dashite nai teshimau yorimo Anata jitai yoke shite shimau no

Sonna hi ga itsuka yatte kuru mou deshouka Anata kono hibi ga mou yurushare modoshoubu Sonna hi ga itsuka yatte kuru mou deshouka Subarashi hibi ga itsumo hi ga

English LyricsEdit

 Just like the body's thin mucous membrane is sticky to the touch Your thick fingers were chilly, though I didn't not like that But whenever you would come around, you would only spout off lies Yet you thought that I was a fool from the beginning...

I didn't think that this day would come But I feel worry about you being there, where you are

You weren't around, so my body dried up and turned the color of a chrysalis, forever In a room that was cold from the winter, I'm reborn; I'm like a beautiful butterfly Those wings that are already wet, and don't seem of any use to anyone Open little by little, and I have dreams of flying in the sky...

If that day were to suddenly come Where should I fly off to with those wings?

I've forgotten your name, just as though you were a nameless piece of livestock And instead of remembering it and crying, you disappear

I wonder if that day will come one day? I wonder if I can forgive you for the days we were together? I wonder if that day will come one day? One of these days, wonderful days will come... gE('songlyrics').innerHTML = gE('songlyrics_h').innerHTML; if (typeof startSignatureInsert === 'function') { startSignatureInsert(); }

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