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In a road, Watanuki try to run from something that try to caught him that actually is Mokona with eggplant. And the story actually is Watanuki's dream. Watanuki tell his dream to Himawari and exchange Himawari tell hers. Himawari's dream stopped because she has a meeting. Watanuki give Himawari a Madeleines as a thanks for hear Himawari's dream.

In the end, Watanuki help Himawari with a paperwork but ended doing it together with Doumeki. While Watanuki being angry, Doumeki eat the Madeleines from Himawari and tell Watanuki about his dream about he meet with his grandfather.

When Watanuki go home, he feel someone following him, that actually is a big spirit. Watanuki almost get eaten by the spirit when a man that look like Doumeki riding a white horse save him. Watanuki wake up when Yuuko sitting on him. Yuuko tell Watanuki that all of it is a dream, actually a masayume (fulfilling dream).

Watanuki tell Yuuko that he never had a dream like that. Yuuko tell Watanuki had buy a dream from someone else. He then realizing that the Madeleines he give to Himawari (and eating by Doumeki) is the one that make him buy their dream.

Yuuko and Watanuki looking for a Yumekai (dream buyer) through a little space between a wall and a pillar. They arrive at a different world and meet with a Yumekai. The Yumekai is talk with a Osaka dialect.

When Yumekai see the arrow, he ask Watanuki to sell it to him. Yuuko then make a deal, the arrow with five ballon of dream. The Yumekai say after this he will go to the Kitsune Oden Shop and Watanuki ask him to give the son from the shop a dream. The Yumekai just say "So, the owner of a rare, valuable dream is also the owner of a rare heart." Finally, Yuuko and Watanuki back to their world through the other way.

At the shop, Watanuki go sleep, wake up and meet with Doumeki's grandfather (his name still not mention). Doumeki's grandfather ask Watanuki if Shizuka (Doumeki's first name) hard to handle. Watanuki hold his right eye and Doumeki's grandfather say that all Shizuka decision. Doumeki's grandfather then show Watanuki a picture.

The end of this episode is when Watanuki wake up and see one of the ballon had break and Mokona come in with so much eggplant.