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On a hot summer's day, Yuuko, Maru and Moro are bathing in the garden with a shower faucet hand-operated by Watanuki, who is irked by the work. The Neko-Musume (cat-girl) appears and makes a request of Yuuko, giving her an egg in exchange for Watanuki collecting water for her from a well. On his first visit to the well, Watanuki is forced to trespass into a private garden of a house and notices a woman sitting at a high window. She does not move, but the sight perturbs Watanuki. When he returns for more water with Doumeki, the woman is in the same place in the same clothes. Watanuki establishes that the woman is not a spirit, because Doumeki can see him with his normal eye, but Doumeki later says that she reminds him of something he's seen before. Himawari and Watanuki both comment that Doumeki is being cryptic, unlike his usual self, but he doesn't reply.

Later, Watanuki 'pinky-promises' Himawari that he won't overwork himself. When he next collects water, his little finger hurts and the wrapper of his water container is blown into the window of the woman in the house. Doumeki and Watanuki enter the house, which is empty and silent. Watanuki is spooked. Doumeki and Watanuki find the woman, who falls inert to the floor in a gust of wind. Watanuki assumes she's a doll, but Yuuko, who appears, asks Doumeki to give his view. Doumeki says it is something he has seen many times since childhood, a corpse. When Watanuki protests that a corpse would have putrefied in the summer heat, Doumeki points out that, according his grandfather, corpses of the modern age do not rot because of the preservatives that people consume. Meanwhile the Neko-Musume retrieves a dead kitten from the almost-emptied well in the garden. She thanks Yuuko for helping her, but comments on the miasma around Watanuki's little finger.



  • Either during or after this episode (as well as the chapter that covers this episode) the events of Tsubasa Chronicle: Tokyo Revelations take place.