Shino Dômeki
Shino Doumeki
Series: xxxHolic
Gender: Female
Age:  ?
Birthday:  ?
Background/Alliance Information
Relations: Haruka Dōmeki (father-in-law, deceased);
Unnamed husband (deceased)
Shizuka Doumeki (son)

Kohane Tsuyuri (Daughter-in-law);
Sayaka Doumeki (Great-Grandson)

Residence Unknown
Current Status: Deceased
Powers None
Physical Traits: -
First Appearance(Manga): N/A
First Appearance(Anime) XxxHolic RO OAD - Adayume
Voice Actors

Shino Doumeki is the mother of Shizuka Doumeki. She is shown in the anime episode XxxHolic RO OAD - Adayume when Watanuki is given a wish by Haruka. The wish is to decipher Shizuka's dream about his past.

Appearance Edit

Shino and Shizua

Shino as she appears in Adayume

Shino’s face is never shown in the anime and so when she appears, she can only be seen from the back or from the neck downwards. When she is shown from the back, Shino’s brown hair can be seen and it is always tied up in a tight bun. Shino also has pale skin, is of medium stature and has a thin frame.


Shino is a kind woman that takes a genuine interest in her son, Shizuka’s life. This can be shown when Sjizuka tells Shino that he has friends coming over (This is Yuko, Watanuki and Himawari) for a ghost story celebration. When she hears this, Shino is very content and says that Shizuka hasn’t invited friends in a very long time. She then starts to make preparations and even goes out to buy a water melon so that the guests can eat.

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