Name Suga Shikao
Gender Male
Age 50
Birthday July 28, 1966
Occupation Singer, Songwriter
Instrument Guitar
Status Active (1995-?)

Suga Shikao is a musician from Tokyo. He writes and sings japanese songs, some of which are used as opening or closing themes for the anime xxxHolic.

19 Sai is written and preformed by Suga Shikao and is used as the opening theme for xxxHolic Season 1. Other songs used as xxxHolic openings are Sofa and Nobody Knows. All are written and sung by him.

His song Kaza Nagi was also used as the closing theme for xxxHolic RO. The song had been released some time before the anime in his album "Time."

Currently, his song Adayume is being used as the opening for XxxHolic RO OAD - Adayume


Suga Shikao

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