Volume 1
XxxHolic vol1 Cover
Series: XxxHOLiC
Volume #: 1
Release Date: July 25, 2003
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Chapters: Chapter 001
Chapter 002
Chapter 003
Chapter 004
Chapter 005
Chapter 006
Chapter 007
Chapter 008
Next Volume Volume 2
Previous Volume: None
Magazine Young Magazine
Publishing Company: Del Rey
Cover Character: Yuko Ichihara and Kimihiro Watanuki

XxxHolic Volume 1 is the first volume in the series. It was published July 25, 2003 though the first chapter came out in Young Magazine on February 26th. Unlike other mangas, the volumes do not have their own individual titles and so they are just referred to as "Volume 1, 2, 3," so on and so forth. This first volume contains chapters 1 through 8.

XxxHolic Volume 1 Edit


Chapter 1Edit

Yuuko & Watanuki - Chapter 1The first chapter of the series. It introduces Kimihiro Watanuki and Yuko Ichihara, the two protagonists of the series. The chapter also shows Marudashi and Morodashi, Yuko's helpers. Watanuki is plagued by spirits that are attracted to his blood. All he wants to do is get rid of them. One day, while running from one of these very spirits, Watanuki stumbles upon a strange shop. Suddenly, his legs move by themselves and usher Watanuki into the shop. It turns out that the shop is a shop of wishes where the owner is a time and space witch that can grant any wish or desire. She even says that the can make the spirits go away, but there is a price that Watanuki must pay in return.

Characters: Kimihiro Watanuki, Yuko Ichihara, Maru and Moro

Chapter 2Edit

Ch 002 coverIt's the first day working at the shop and the first customer come. It's a woman who needs help because of her little finger. She can't move it. Yuko thinks that it's the result of a bad habit, however the woman says that she has no bad habits. What's really causing this?

Characters: Kimihiro Watanuki, Yuko Ichihara, Maru and Moro, Rin

Chapter 3Edit

Watanuki - Chapter 3In chapter 3 we meet Himawari Kunogi, the girl that Watanuki would do anything for. Cute and kind, the girl is extremely interested in Watanuki's life and considers him a great friend.

Meanwhile, the same customer comes back, only now her condition has worsened. Yuko asks the woman again but the young lady promises that she doesn't have any bad habits that could have caused this... What is the truth behind the strange occurences?

Characters: Kimihiro Watanuki, Yuko Ichihara, Himawari Kunogi, Rin, Maru and Moro

Chapter 4Edit

Yy Chapter 4 is a short one where Yuko explains the customer's situation to Watanuki and all the secrets are revealed.

Characters: Kimihiro Watanuki, Yuko Ichihara, Maru and Moro

Chapter 5Edit

MmYuko decides to take Watanuki with her to run a few errands and even meet a new customer. What new mysteries and truths will Watanuki discover?

Characters: Yuko Ichihara, Kimihiro Watanuki, Maru and Moro,

Chapter 6Edit

Holic posterThe customer turns out to be another young woman who has an addiction to the internet - and it's causing her serious problems with her work and family.The woman promises Yuko that she will stop using the internet and so Yuko and Watanuki leave,however, they stop in a park and wait to see the true results.

Characters: Kimihiro Watanuki, Yuko Ichihara, Rin

Chapter 7Edit

01 The woman cannot stop using the internet even when she promised Yuko to stop. When Yuko finds out, she returns to the apartment to see the woman and teach her the truth about habits. Will this be enough to convince the woman?

Characters: Yuko Ichihara, Kimihiro Watanuki, Rin

Chapter 8Edit

Cover ch 08While sitting outside in the shop one day, yuko and Watanuki are relaxing when something strange happens: it starts raining on a sunny day. Yuko explains that this is a good omen and that the event is sometimes used for fortune telling. After explaining the simple procedure to Watanuki, he tries it and gets a mysterious message about a new customer. Characters: Yuko Ichihara, Kimihiro Watanuki, Maru and Moro, Tsubasa Li, Princess Tsubasa

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