Volume 2
Series: xxxHolic
Volume #: 2
Release Date: october 17, 2003
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Chapters: Chapter 009

Chapter 010

Chapter 011

Chapter 012

Chapter 013

Chapter 014

Chapter 015

Next Volume Volume 3
Previous Volume: Volume 1
Magazine Young Magazine
Publishing Company: Del Rey
Cover Character: Yuko Ichihara

This is the second volume in the xxxHolic series and was released on october 13th, 2003, just three months after the first volume was released. the second volume contains all chapters from 9 to 15. This volume features Yuko on the cover and Watanuki on the back cover, just as the irst one did. this seems to be the tradition for xxxHolic mangas: the shopowner is almost always (with the exception on volumes 14 and 15) on the front cover and all shop helpers an employes are on the back.


Chapter 009Edit

Chapter 010Edit

Chapter 011Edit

Chapter 012Edit

Chapter 013Edit

Chapter 014Edit

Chapter 015 Edit

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