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CLAMP-Drama Holic ~xxxHOLiC ~ (CLAMPドラマ ホリック~ ×××HOLiC~) was first announced on September 7, 2012 via CLAMP-NET.COM. The show was first aired on February 24, 2013 in the WOWOW network. It's expected to cover the entire plot of XXXHOLiC. It will be aired in WOWOW's prime time (sundays at 23:00).


Directors: Keisuke Toyoshima and Tsugita Jun
Script writers: Tsugita Jun and Keisuke Toyoshima
Music: Nobuhiko Morino
Photography director: Yasutaka Nagano
Coreography: Nomura Ryoko
Scripter: Ide Nozomi
Producers: Daisuke Katagiri, Matsunaga Aya, Nakabayashi Chikako
Opening theme: "Aitai" by Suga Shikao
Ending theme: "You tell me" by Chay


Main castEdit

Anne Watanabe - Yuko Ichihara
Shota Sometani - Kimihiro Watanuki
Masahiro Higashide - Shizuka Doumeki
Karen Miyazaki - Himawari Kunogi
Kawashima Ririka - Maru
Hatakeyama Tsumugi - Moro
Yumi Adachi - Spider Lady
Morikawa Aoi - Ame-warashi
Naoto Takenaka - Doctor

Supporting castEdit

Megumi Sato- Shishido Miya
Kawai Aoba - Watanuki's mother
Kimura Ryo- Tsuda Masahito
Suzuki Sakiko
Yurika Nakamura - Chikage
Kobayashi Rino - Aida Saori
Reika Hashimoto - Nurse
Osanai Minako - Himawari's grandmother
Toshiki Ayata- Old priest


Episode number Air date Title
Episode 1 February 24, 2013 Fate, 縁 
Episode 2 March 3, 2013 Compensation, 対価 
Episode 3 March 10, 2013 100 Stories, 百物語 
Episode 4 March 17, 2013 Angel-san, エンジェルさん 
Episode 5 March 24, 2013 Hydrangea, 紫陽花
Episode 6 March 31, 2013 Yellow Spider, 女郎蜘蛛
Episode 7 April 7, 2013 Himawari, ひまわり
Episode 8 April 14, 2013 Butterfly, 蝶


Yuko Ichihara (Anne Watanabe) is the sexy owner of a strange store which offers to make any wishes come true for a price.

Kimihiro Watanuki (Shota Sometani) has a special type of blood that attracts spirits and ghosts. He goes into the shop owned by Yuko Ichihara and asks her to get rid of the spirits. Yuko offers to do so if he works part-time at the store.

Differences with xxxHOLiC's mangaEdit

  • Watanuki doesn't have blue eyes.
  • Mokona does not make any appearances.
  • Maru and Moro's hair color was changed to the natural black color of the actresses who play them, same as Ame- warashi and Jorougumo.
  • Himawari does not have a curly hair.
  • Watanuki's parents' story is not developed. Sakura Li's role as Watanuki's mother is neither mentioned, since his mother died in a hospital from an unnamed condition.
  • Most supernatural creatures have been taken off the adaptation.
  • Kohane does not make any appearances.
  • The Doctor's story arc was a change from the original storyline, the Hydrangea arc.
  • Jorougumo's story arc was also changed. 


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Official website


To promote and celebrate the TV Drama, WOWOW and PASELA RESORTS launched a thematic cafe inspired in XXXHOLiC for a limited time.

The cafe was decorated in order to feel like Yuuko's shop, some of the props and decoration objects are the same as those seen in the TV Drama. Customers will also be able to enjoy a special menu inspired on XXXHOLiC. It ran from January 21st until March 3rd.

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