Yes, stick together story book page is the occult orgin sames inspired spell all is the Dark Pentagram is the main characters inspire morgin draw sketch picture's Darko the Sorcerer and Lady Morrigan and Ian and Hat Professor and Alan and Aaron and Lantuch and Arine and Feyvel the Archer Musican and Sekhmet and Penanggal Maiden and Blood Chief and Rakshasa Lord and Lamia Emily and Mananggal and Demon brothers and Death and Famine and War and Conuest/Pestilence and Dagan the Wife Mother and Husband of is Dagan and Beholder King and Mr. Ettercap and Rise Ruled Necromancer King and Morrigan's Mother and Brent and people and creatures and all is fairies and monsters and realms is all and demons and Groman and Sarah and Uncle Shlemiel and Sarah's daughters is all and Chelm villagers good rise and Sender and a Golem?!

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